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IU Copy Machines
Office and Self Serve Copiers for Indiana University

Getting an office Copier


Document Service Centers provides and maintains an assortment of self-service copiers located in the Libraries and Residence Halls for faculty, staff, students, and the general public.

Most units are equipped with a card terminal that accepts your CampusAccess ID card that enables you to make copies. Some of these units are also equipped with a coin-operated device. Currently, most 8 1/2" x 11" copies cost $0.11 when using the card or $0.15 in the coin device.




Coin & Card Copiers Self-Serve Locations
  • Fine Arts Library, Art Museum Rm. 125, 1 B/W Copier, Card Reader Only
  • Music Library, Simon Building, 2 Units Available, Optional Coin and Card Reader
  • Optometry Library, Optometry Building – Rm. 301, Card Reader Only
  • Business/SPEA Library, School Of Business Rm. 150, Card Reader Only
  • Chemistry Library, Chemistry Building Rm. 003, Card Reader Only
  • Law Library, Law Building Rm. 101A, Optional Coin and Card Reader
  • Education Library, Wright Building Rm. 1162, Card Reader Only
  • Wells Library, Research Tower, 2 Units Available, Card Reader Only

Coin & Card Copiers Self-Serve Locations at Residential Services
Nearest Customer Service Center

  • Evermann, Coin Only

Click here to view a list of cash-to-card machines that allow you to add money to your ID card.

Guest cards can be purchased at the Value Transfer Station locations for use in the copiers. These are non refundable.

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